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Getting Started

Getting started is the hardest part of anything, right? You’re best chances of success in jumping into this wellness lifestyle is to find the need in your life and that of your family… and fill that need.

Becoming a wholesale member is easy. Choose from one of the Premium Starter Kits offered (again this is based on the need you would like to see filled)





The Premium Starter Kit (shown is the Dessert Mist diffuser) … there are other diffusers to choose from with this option as well)

This is how most of us got started. You are getting a box of the “everyday oils,” a diffuser, and Ningxia Red name a few things!!







The Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit

If you were to ask most members what one Young Living product they would choose to be stranded on an island with, hands down they would choose this super nutrient, anti- oxidant, oil infused drink. Ningxia Red has been a life changing addition to many wellness seekers’ lives.

***Click on the image for even more information about Ningxia Red






The Thieves Premium Starter Kit

If you are looking for a more natural way to clean your home as well as ditch some of the more chemically heavy personal care items in your home …this starter kit is for you!







Once you have chosen your Starter Kit… it’s time to set up your Essential Rewards.

There is no better way to start this wellness journey than to ensure you have a wellness arsenal to do so.

You are only required to purchase 50PV (Personal Volume which roughly translates to $50) each month and you can cancel anytime.

PLUS you are able to qualify for all kinds of free stuff and money back every single month. Click on image to be taken to my monthly promotions page to see what I mean









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