A New Year .. a New Blog


Nope… this is not going to be a blog about starting anew, losing weight, or reaching your highest potential. This is a blog about remaining true to yourself or maybe finding that truth this year.

Many of you that read my blogs may have noticed that I haven’t written one in awhile.. heck I didn’t even do a Newsletter in December, and I really enjoy doing both. But I was feeling like my path was becoming less about why I started it and more about what others want from me. I never do well under those conditions …and the reason I am a HORRIBLE employee. I do what I want.

Those things also make me a good entrepreneur. I don’t crave safety all the time. I like new things and exciting things….. I like making money. My husband and I own a sales and marketing consulting firm. He would be the sales to my marketing. We both live and breathe selling our ideas to clients. We love what we do… and it feels right even though it can be scary to lose clients right before Christmas (yes that happened,) it can be scary to have a big family, and big responsibilities without the safety net of a promised paycheck ……..but the rewards of owning your own company are pretty great too.

So when I started on this essential oils journey… honestly, it was because it changed our wellness as a family. It blew me away how amazing these natural practices changed how we live. I will never stop using them.. ever. But I wasn’t trying to make money doing it. I wasn’t trying to sell to my friends. I sell all day long, I don’t feel genuine selling something I just want my friends to try and love as much as I do.

But alas all things can lead down that path. Now let me be very clear… I do know that there are many that are making a GREAT living at this as a business. I have seen my friend retire herself from a 20+ year teaching career, seen many stories of lives changed. I can honestly say that I make enough to cover my monthly order and then some …. Not too shabby. But that just isn’t where I want this journey to take me. I don’t want to sell to you.

That doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere. I LOVE what essential oils do for me, do for my family, do for my friends who have joined me. But I am going to course correct to remain true to myself, this year. For instance, I have 3 Aromatherapy books that I am going to read and really understand so that I can share this somewhat lost practice. I am going to continue to teach Aroma Yoga. I feel passionate about these things. I feel passionate about being real and sharing what I learn. I feel passionate about introducing this company to those who wish to learn for whatever reason they wish to learn. I don’t mean to insult or degrade what those who have gone before me have done….. but, I’m not going to text, call, email people I do not know to ask them to buy more than they wish to. It’s not me so I will not do that.

In 2018 I will be true to myself, my family, and to my path…wherever that takes me. I want all who I touch and want to come along, to feel free to embrace what they learn in whatever way they wish.

I truly love what I do and the life I am building…… but there are times that I go in a direction that starts to feel like maybe I lost the vision from when I started. But that’s what a New Year is to me, a chance to come back to myself. To trust the self that feels good making people feel better. So for me, this year, I am focusing on building the company my husband and I live and breathe for. I am focusing on learning and teaching more about the complex practice of aromatherapy and essential oils. I am learning to be a better Aroma Yoga instructor.

These are my wishes for 2018. They may not be yours, they may not be like one other person’s on this planet. But they are mine and I will honor my truth this year ….. and I have a feeling it will be tremendous.


Peace out 2017