Saving My Life One Intention At a Time

If you were to talk to any person that knows me, or at the very least – sees me at one of the 5 million sporting events I’m at with my boys, they would not tell you that I am inclined to talk about the mystical, the power of thought, the power of setting an intention. I don’t think that my beliefs are necessarily your beliefs and I don’t think it’s my job to change the way a person thinks. So when I started this “experiment” I came at it from an incredibly cynical place. You see, things have not been easy in my world. If I’m being honest – my life has not been the easiest. I have always worked very hard, had some successes, and always been very, very busy. I do believe it’s easy to get lost in that “busy” life. Sometimes it’s easier to be busy than to turn your thoughts inward and look at what is going on deep in your heart.

I embarked on this wellness journey with essential oils about 2 years ago…. also with zero intention of using them or talking about them. I was a bit wrong about that one.  I still kept many people in our industry at arm’s length because there was (and is) so much talk about their beliefs and I’m not about all that. Like I said … I would never try to convince a person that what I believe is better than what they believe. So I stayed away from it. But there is a powerful thought process and ideology that I did start to embrace and I just began to accept what others believe, around me …. Because honestly they are good people. Supportive and loving people, I like them. But that is not what I wanted to write about, what I want to write about is this powerful thing called intention; of setting one and believing it – every day.

Let me back it up a bit. So I mentioned that life had been hard. And when I say that …I say it knowing that my “hard” is different from yours. People see life through their own filter so my hard may be way harder than what you consider hard… or way easier. Either way, some periods of our lives can just feel harder than others. Like you are in some perfect storm of bullshit and you just cannot understand what the heck you did to deserve it -or see your way out of it. So this is where I found myself for about 9 months. I’ve written about some of this already and a lot of what I was going through was just the thought of my boys getting older …like some premature empty nest syndrome or something. Our oldest went to college, our 14 year olds started High School, our first “baby of the family” started Middle School, and the actual baby started Kindergarten. There were just too many emotions to deal with. My husband and I were having existential business crises’ simultaneously… and just struggled with what direction we should go. And then I started having this (again premature) anxiety over what they heck I was going to do when the boys all leave. I mean who the heck am I anymore, without them? Did I mention that we still have a Kindergartener? … Yeah my anxiety was a bit out of nowhere and a true testament to the places you can take yourself if you don’t stay in the present.

Sooooo it was a lot. And then I woke up one day and decided to believe. Believe in myself, believe in the power of the essential oils I talk about all the time, believe that I hold the power of change and intention within myself. I had received a 15ml bottle of Abundance essential oil blend as a free promotion one month and it just sat with my stash … I didn’t even think about it. I don’t think I could think about it. But I saw it sitting there and just knew that I had nothing to lose from trying to open my mind a bit.

For the last three months I have woken up, put Abundance over my heart, breathed it in and set an intention. At first I didn’t even know what I wanted, I just knew I wanted to stop feeling sorry for myself. And then it started to happen. Change, real change. Opportunities started to present themselves, people started to come into my life and make amazing impressions on me. It doesn’t stop there. There is no way in hell my husband would do any of this but when I tell you he started to also have a clarity I haven’t seen in him, in years… I’m not exaggerating. When I tell you that we look at each other across the dining room table these days and just have this unspoken look in our eyes, like — no. friggin’. way. It’s crazy and a bit weird, to tell you the truth.

If you look at the description for Abundance it’s a bit of that mystical, hocus pocus-y stuff I talked about earlier. It’s something that two years ago I would have snubbed, no doubt, in my mind. So the idea of opening my mind to this concept was absolutely foreign to me. Is it really the oil that changed my life or is it this powerful notion of intention? Or is it both? I know what my answer would have been even a year ago… and I’m still sort of in awe about it now. I can’t tell you that anything will change your life or make you feel better. I share what I learn and experience in the hope that someone out there can read it and it helps them too. But what I can tell you is that your intentions and your mind are powerful, powerful things. You may start to change slowly, but this type of internal shift is amazing.

Look, call me a crazy hippie (‘cause my kids do) but just try it. Get up in the morning and think about where you truly want your life to go. Listen to what your heart is trying tell you. Set an intention or just think about what an intention could be. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and you have so much to potentially gain. THAT is why I write these Blogs, THIS is what I want for you all, powerful intentions and abundance.


Dooooooo it.