Happy New Year!!!!

Man I love this holiday… I love what it represents for everyone, regardless of race, religious belief, or geographic location. It brings us all together and offers us hope. We humans need to feel hope …even if 2016 was a tornado of suck and bullshit….. it doesn’t matter, it’s over.

We can begin fresh, but you know what? 2017 won’t be any different than any other year if you don’t make the change yourself. That’s right …you need to get off your ass and do the things you dream of. And I am no different. 2016 hit me in all of the areas of life that hurt the most. I lost a few friends, who were young – with children – and it was unfair and it made me angry. I had my own children enter into new stages of their lives and it was incredibly hard for me, personally. My husband felt it also … but men can be so much better at rejoicing in their kids getting older. We moved from the house we raised our boys in for the last (very emotional) 7 years. It was where we became a family- where I became a den mother…. And I had to say goodbye to it. My gym was sold to a chain.. and before you laugh at that…it was where I found a sisterhood of woman who are strong, and funny, and I loved them. I saw those bitches every morning for the past 6 years … and right when my last kid was about to enter Kindergarten, and I could enjoy the routine of my morning and maybe grab a cup of coffee with one of those fantastic women, it was pulled out from under my feet (all of our feet) just like that. And my sisterhood was gone. Poof!

And I sat on my ass for a good part of the year and cried. Don’t get me wrong, I worked, I started working on a business that my husband and I thought we wanted ….. and then we didn’t. It was not our passion. Lucrative, yes – our passion, no. So we are taking a leap of faith and following our passions. I will not sit on my ass and cry this year….ok maybe a little …I’m an emotional train wreck when it comes to my kids…. But I plan to make a difference in this life.

Which leads me to the main point here: I know that most people that know me in my daily life do NOT look at me as some kind of holistic guru… and I’m not. Heck I was a Lancôme account manager at one point in my life ….I don’t even look holistic…. Picture Patsy from AbFab and you’re closer. But what I am is a friend and a friend who wants to share what I have found and how good I feel. It’s not a hard sell, trust me. The hard sell was getting me try these essential oils in the first place. I knew exactly zero about them about 2 years ago and I ABSOLUTELY was not sharing with anyone ***snickers heard all around***. So as your friend here is what I want you to ask me… ANYTHING!! I am here to help you understand –  if you want to. What I won’t do:

1.)  Hound you mercilessly if you ask for samples. If you want me I’m here, always, if you don’t that’s cool too. I’ll still give you samples to try ; )

2.) Add you to groups of any kind “blindly”. Just because you like this page doesn’t mean you want an announcement of every God blessed thing I have going on. I will let you know “happenings” on this page and you decide what you are interested in. Simple.

3.) Fill you all with wild claims and promises that sound crazy…that’s not what we are about, not what I’m about. Essential oils have literally been used for thousands of years. There are certainly some amazing things they can do and have done for my family, but I am not a physician of any kind. I’m a super active wife and mother who wants you all to know that you have a safe place to learn and a place to hear my experiences. I want you to feel good, I want you to work toward a chemical free home, you deserve it … your family deserves it.

So come, stay awhile, ask questions, learn something new … make some new friends. I’m done with 2016 and feeling sad ..yes life will keep happening and handing us all sadness from time to time …but I will live with more passion and because of that ……I promise to make 2017 an entertaining one for all of you.