Do Not Judge My Story

So it’s been bothering me lately; the access we have to other people’s lives (and they have to ours) via Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Social media has made us believe we can study people… know what they know, go where they go… be who they are. But it also gives us such a narrow, narrow view of a person’s entire being. I mean, I wasn’t even on social media until well after my first two sons were born. Do you have any idea how much of my life can never be expressed just due to that fact? But I don’t really care, and neither should you.

The bigger issue I tend to have is that I see these beautifully crafted photos depicting lives that are so full and fully realized … even in the essential oil world, that it gets a little disheartening. Why should I bother to learn this new thing when so many others do it already? And honestly, they do it so well. I can’t possibly know, do, be so much.


You know why this is nonsense? Because no one is me, no one is you.  Regardless of the endeavor you embark upon, not one person can bring to it what you do. No one has lived your life. No one knows what it’s really like to be you or to be me…. No matter what a photograph portrays. My personal Facebook page is just the craziest collection of crazy and I laugh with people all day. My Instagram account is more crazy stuff, more about my fitness interests… but still crazy. These are the chapters that people are walking into, today. I will never talk about the terror I felt being a first-time mom and how lonely I was during that time. I will never discuss my divorce, or the crushing pain of watching someone you divorced take your babies away for even two days..or two hours. I never talk about feeling like my life was spinning out of control and the feeling that I didn’t even look like myself anymore because I had gained so much weight. Nope, not one word. Those are private chapters.  Those are the kinds of chapters I tell my kids to be wary not to share. In this social media-crazed world these younger generations can’t possibly have the ability to understand that maybe – one day – ya might not want the whole world to know you went through that, in such an intimate way.

And the people that have perfectly crafted lives, they may have more pain than you realize that they are trying to hide. You will never know those chapters either. But you don’t need to.

What we all need to do is put down/shut off our devices for longer than we are comfortable with, and do the things we want, or see others doing. In doing that, you are going to come back having lived a moment that you may not have captured…. But maybe, just maybe you come back inspired. Not by an image but by your ability to do awesome things. People may not see you doing them but that doesn’t make the experience any less real, any less significant to your life’s purpose.

I will admit that even as a grown woman, my inability to “get” that has made me a bit afraid to venture out. I knew that there would be people out there criticizing me for jumping into this world of wellness, fitness, and essential oils. I tried not to care. But hey, I’m human… I was a bit intimated and felt like I wasn’t focused or smart enough to learn all of the things my peers seemed to know. I know that I am older than most women who talk about fitness so much… maybe I shouldn’t?

Nonsense, all nonsense.

We are here for a very, very limited amount of time. When I leave this body… guess what isn’t coming with me? Yeah…. All those posts I work so hard on! But what I hope will remain is the legacy of living a life I wanted to live. Of laughing at just about everything. Of not sharing private chapters of my life with the world.. because those were for my husband and my children. Those, most of all, are the chapters I hope are remembered. And guess what? I will have never written one blog, or post, or edited one single photo of those chapters.

Go… learn something new. Push yourself further. And above all …start creating chapters in your life that not one person can ever Google to find out about. Create beautiful, private chapters in your lives my friends. And don’t tell anyone about them- let your life be more than a post.