Swim. Bike. Run. Oil.


First of all…… Whoa, THAT was an experience.  I have been planning this tsm20_no_date_cleanriathlon event in my head for like 15 years. So when I crossed that Savage Man Triathlon finish line …I am not ashamed to tell you that I cried like a baby. Not because I was in pain – I actually felt pretty amazing considering what I put my body through – I cried because I did it, I accomplished what I thought I never would. It was a proud moment that I will never forget. But today I want to write about what got me to that race, and through it, and recovered from it. And yes …it is due, in large part, to the Young Living essential oils and essential oil infused products that I used, that are just amazing for athletes.

And listen, if you have never read any of my blog posts before then now is a good time to let you know that I am not one to jump on a band wagon, I’m not a joiner or good team player. So when I write these blogs specifically about the amazing results I have had from using essential oils …I’m not trying to convince you to walk in my parade while I trumpet announcements through town. I just want to share what I learn because I often find it pretty close to miraculous.

So anyway –  let me begin by saying that I was terrified of this race. Not only was it the first one I attempted, it was at Deep Creek Lake in Savage, MD…..Look up that course. www.savagemantriathlon.com . When I say that this is a ski resort also… I am NOT joking. Holy steep hills Batman.. I had no idea where this place really was when I signed up, I just knew the lake was one of the cleanest water sources in my general area …and went for it. Yeah …smart, I know. Then after about the third time someone said “oh wow..the Savage Man, huh? I wouldn’t have picked that course as a first event but, …..Good Luck!” Oh boy – what have I gotten myself into?!? But I went for it and used my Valor and Stress Away E.O. blends just about every day. It helped tremendously to bring me a sense of calm. I even oiled up the morning of the race. Passing out from fear at the starting line was NOT how I wanted to remember this race.



During the months prior to the race I had my 2 oz. of Ningxia Red every morning as well as my Master Formula supplements. I had the Ningxia Red drink the morning of the race as well and I kept my Ningxia NITROS at the transition station. I had 3 in total that day, one before the 0.75 mile swim, one before the 15.5 mile bike ride, and then one before the 3.1 mile run. They were the perfect fuel for my body and I felt amazing the entire race. I felt so good, in fact that my husband said “You actually looked like you were enjoying yourself every time I saw you?! Tell me the truth..did you hide in the woods, with your bike, until it was safe to come out?”  I’m not telling you that any of it was easy, it was not. The first mile of the 3.1 mile run was straight up hill, not an exaggeration. I can run 3 miles any day of the week and at a pretty good pace, but after a 15.5 mile bike ride…. Not exactly the easiest thing to do. That part was the absolute worst. OK wait .. the panic attack I had about 30 seconds into the swim was probably the worst. Nothing will prepare you for an open water swim except an open water swim. I was a high school competitive swimmer and still hit the pool at least once every other week. I consider myself a pretty strong swimmer so to find myself getting seaweed wrapped around my arm at the start and just the sheer idea of being in the middle of a deep lake …well let’s just say I needed to pull my shit together and quickly, or it would have been the quickest triathlon in history. Yeah.

After the race I was definitely the kind of tired that makes you spacey. I took a shower and immediately oiled up. PanAway with some coconut oil for my knees, shins, calves, and ankles. Cool Azul Sports Gel for my lower back and hip flexors. Deep Relief Roll-On for the back of my neck and in between my shoulder blades (actually the most soreness I had right after due to the bike ride) We took a few hours to just relax after the race before we headed out to dinner and I’m am not exaggerating when I say .. I felt amazing. And by amazing I mean I could actually walk and my husband didn’t have to carry me everywhere. The application of all that I mentioned above, was done again in the morning before our 3 hour ride home. I was a little achy after that but not one shin splint or knee pain of any kind. Amazing. I honestly feel that even though I trained pretty hard for this event, the recovery was so swift I believe 100% it was because of my essential oils.

So I finished, I can’t say that I’ll do another one. I think I could and I think if I had more img_1112time to devote to training, I could do a longer distance but that wasn’t really the point for me. I had to defeat that monster in my head. And once defeated … that box is checked. I even finished at a decent time and ranked 9th out of 90 women in my age group. That was a shocker.. I just wanted to finish the damn thing. Finishing in the top 10 well, that’s just another part of my story I’ll never forget. Because I did it for me.

I must also finish by saying that even though I highlighted these products as being for “athletes” .. ALL of these products are for any human that moves a lot throughout the day, and you know who you are. Of course I want to give inspiration to get up and get moving but mostly …do it for you, do hard things, and make yourself proud. The rest of my story is just the stuff we are just lucky enough to be able to use.