The Essential Ninja Mom Website is Born!!!

Shannon Fletcher

The essential ninja momI know, look, you have NO idea what the heck an Essential Ninja Mom is even supposed to mean…… so let me tell you.

You may have seen the picture of my family, if you didn’t…. go back and look at that hot mess. I have 5 boys… FIVE! If you know anything about the past 30+ years of raising boys …. There are a whole lot of Ninja Turtles involved, probably 20 different variations on the theme. While I will admit, our last son is the biggest ninja turtle fan …… I think the spirit of the Ninja Turtles is strong in boy moms. And I am nothing if not a boy mom. This is not to say that I am now nor EVER was a tomboy. I could not be more of a girlie girl… in fact I did not believe I could ever produce a boy, yet here we are.

Now what the hell does this have to do with essential oils and why am I starting a blog about my life with them? Let me repeat… I have 5 boys (6 if you could my husband… really the biggest of my kids) I needed to find a way to live in peace with this frat house I find myself in.

It really started when I decided to find a way to lose weight and feed my family in a healthier way. I started researching what was going into our foods because I was learning so much about what I could not put in my face if I wanted to lose the kind of weight I needed to lose, at the time. It was a bit of a lifestyle revolution. I felt so lied to!! Those commercials about “healthy foods’ are full of shit, man.

That was over a year ago, I lost the weight…. My husband lost a lot of weight. My kids are being fed healthier foods …. Let me be 100% clear, they are the hardest to convince. It’s a work in progress. During that time however, I was introduced to essential oils ….     UNWILLINGLY.

That’s right … I wanted NOTHING to do with the hippie hocus pocus. But I’m a sucker for helping out a friend when they are trying to “sell” something. Trust me, when I bought my 1st Premium Starter Kit (I have 4 now) I swore up and down I was NOT sharing anything about it with my friends . Absolutely not -so don’t even ask me.

And yet here we are …….. I have now dedicated a pretty good part of my life to sharing my stories. And that is what you will find here: my stories. Stories of how I can get my very hyper 5 year old to sleep at least an hour earlier because of Lavender and Vetiver. Stories of how I can stop my husband from sneezing his head off by giving him Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils. Stories of how my recovery time from a half marathon was cut down to one day because of this beauty called PanAway. And Frankincense ….. man can I tell you some good stuff about that, and I will.

This may not be a typical Blog about essential oils though… my Facebook friends have been asking about when this would happen for awhile …. But mostly because my life is stupid and I like to talk about it. Hopefully they won’t be disappointed ….. and hopefully you will learn something from my stories, because honestly I’m a mom like any other – just trying to make the world around my family a little better.

Here’s what isn’t going to happen …. TROLLS, bullies, or anyone else that has anything nasty to say. It just won’t be tolerated. Do your own research, trust your instincts and be nice. Anyone not being nice to me or anyone else asking questions will be booted. In the immortal words of Yoda.. “kicked to the curb, you will be”. So be respectful, take from this website the things that serve you and just walk away from those that don’t … or keystroke away.. or whatever.