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What is The Essential Ninja Mom?

Ninja Turtle Cup

I know, look, you have NO idea what the heck an Essential Ninja Mom is even supposed to mean…… so let me tell you.

You may have seen the picture of my family, if you didn’t…. go back and look at that hot mess. I have 5 boys… FIVE! If you know anything about the past 30+ years of raising boys …. There are a whole lot of Ninja Turtles involved, probably 20 different variations on the theme. While I will admit, our last son is the biggest ninja turtle fan …… I think the spirit of the Ninja Turtles is strong in boy moms. And I am nothing if not a boy mom. This is not to say that I am now nor EVER was a tomboy. I could not be more of a girlie girl… in fact I did not believe I could ever produce a boy, yet here we are.

Now what the hell does this have to do with essential oils and why am I starting a blog about my life with them? Let me repeat… I have 5 boys (6 if you count my husband… really the biggest of my kids) I needed to find a way to live in peace with this frat house I find myself in.

It really started when I decided to find a way to lose weight and feed my family in a healthier way… READ MORE


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Are you EVER serious?
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Saving My Life One Intention At a Time
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